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Our Story

Mindful of their heritage as direct descendants of Wells' first settler, Edmund Littlefield, Richard Chase Sr. and his son, Rick, have proudly continued to farm and log on this section of land then known as Merriland Ridge.


It was first tilled by Samuel, Edmund’s great-grandson. Many generations of Littlefield-Chases have resided here since the 1600's.

Farmer Rick plants vegetables using tractors and other modern equipment, but Rick occasionally adheres to the "old way" and hitches up his two teams of draft horses for logging, hayrides, and summertime garden work. All the potatoes are harvested using the gentler horse-drawn digger.

Planting begins in April and continues throughout July, ensuring a continuous supply of fresh high-quality vegetables. Chase Farms also raises their own beef and pork the "old fashioned way" for sale in the farm store.

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